Breakthroughs rarely happen in the confines
of a comfort zone.

Ever wonder why so many marketing messages seem like the ‘same old same old’? Because of fear. Companies fear that if they’re bold and original in their marketing approach, people might react. To which Twist Marketing says, “Isn’t that the idea?”

To pull more customers, try pushing more boundaries.

In marketing and communications, the status quo works in much the same way as Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. But when you push past the predictable and explore the outer edge of your brand’s possibilities…that’s when the real magic happens!

Effective marketing doesn't make brands great.
It reveals the greatness already there.

Imagine your brand and your greatest competitor’s brand as two identical stunt planes. One amazes audiences with loop-de-loops, wingovers, dives and spins. The other – pilot-less – sits idly on the runway. Which plane would you rather be?

Dynamic brands push through boundaries. They clamber over and squeeze beneath them.
They will not be restrained.

The laws of physics apply as much to brands as they do to wheels and weights: a brand in motion has a tendency to stay in motion. Twist Marketing frees brands from their inertia and keeps momentum building.

Predictability has killed more brands than a market
downturn ever could.

The economy is an easy scapegoat for a floundering business, but more often than not the marketing approach is to blame. New economies call for new ways of thinking and new ways of connecting with your customers.


Hilong Petropipe Company Ltd.'s Coating Division is committed to developing, manufacturing and applying the best pipe coatings in the Canadian oil industry. Their new plant in Nisku Alberta opened in the fall of 2013 and Twist Marketing helped them develop this video tour of a pipe coating plant.

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