Informed Marketing Is Effective Marketing

Knowing what your customers think and where the market is going can make the difference between marketing that drives your business forward and marketing that lets your competition take the lead.

Market & Brand Research

As marketers - whether in a business, a community or an economic development office - we’re often too close to our products, services or community to be objective about things like customer satisfaction and requirements, the competition or the opinions of our residents. Surveys, focus groups and other research programs give us a clear view of our environment, ensuring our strategies and programs are bsed on facts, not guesswork. Such feedback ensures our objectives align with those of our stakeholders, also providing us with a benchmark against which we can measure the success of our programs.

At Twist Marketing™, we work with our clients to conduct structured market and brand research that provides actionable insights, reveals hidden challenges and identifies new opportunities. We then translate that data into effective strategies and high-impact programs that deliver the highest return on investment possible from your budget. Our research services include:

Marketing and Brand Audits
Focus Groups
Stakeholder Interviews
Public Consultation and Outreach
Competitive Intelligence