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3 March 2014
So, you’ve done all the really grueling work – you’ve developed an exciting new brand; you’ve identified your target markets; you’ve made your decisions about Read More...
3 March 2014
Brand value impacts almost every stage of an individual's hierarchy of needs, from satisfying the most basic of safety and security to aspirations or desires, Read More...
3 March 2014
"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, and the problem is I do not know which half" Lord Leverhulme 1851-1925, British founder of Unilever Read More...
3 March 2014
Whether you know it or not, you are worshipping at the altar of brand. Everyday. And so are your customers. As our purchasing and destination choices Read More...
26 April 2010
Part Two: Pedal to the Metal In our last article, we talked about the importance of target markets as the route by which you reach your Read More...

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Beyond its obvious economic draw and its capacity to fulfill our human needs for escape, enrichment and adventure, tourism can dramatically enhance a community’s desirability as a place to call home.
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