Twist Marketing Tourism Brochure

Is your tourism brand aligned with your community brand?

If not…why not?

The best community brands seamlessly integrate their tourism and economic development brands.
And it makes a big difference to both.

Beyond its obvious economic draw and its capacity to fulfill our human needs for escape, enrichment and adventure, tourism can dramatically enhance a community’s desirability as a place to call home.

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This paper was a joint initiative of Twist Marketing™ and Zinc Research.

About Twist Marketing

Headquartered in Calgary, Twist Marketing™ is a strategic marketing firm serving North American clients since 2001. Businesses in a wide range of industries as well as professional associations and government organizations have relied on Twist Marketing™ to help them overcome some of their most demanding marketing challenges. A leader in branding, engagement and communications, organizations trust Twist Marketing™ to deliver business results, not just business exposure. We do this by challenging convention and providing a unique combination of strategic insight, creative ideas and innovative solutions that work. Twist Marketing™ is an active member of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC), Economic Developers Alberta (EDA ) and Economic Development Association of British Columbia (EDA BC).

About ZINC Research

Founded in Calgary in 2006, Zinc Research provides strategic counsel grounded in online and onsite quantitative and qualitative market surveys and analysis for regional and international private and public sector clients throughout North America. Founding president Brian Singh is a market researcher and economist with over 20 years of experience. He has worked as an advisor and strategist in a broad range of industry sectors, including tourism, environment, engineering, retail, financial services, health and wellness, and information technology.

About the Survey

The Bridge is a syndicated survey established in 2007 by Zinc Research in partnership with Ottawa-based Dufferin Research. It uses a sample of 1,200 online respondents that accurately reflects Canada’s online population both geographically and demographically. Since its inception, the survey has collected 10 tracking waves, the most recent of which was completed in July 2011.